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CAS has been the Design-Build leader in the State of Kansas for the water industry since 1996.  CAS has successfully completed over 50 design-build projects and has now constructed over $150M worth of design-build projects.  CAS has teamed with some of the best engineering consultants in the area to provide the Owner with a single source of responsibility.  It saves time and money, maximizes efficiency and safety, and ensures the project will be on time and on budget. Since every critical participant is involved and responsible at every stage of the planning and execution of the project, the final product is far superior to the traditional “lowest bidder” project delivery method.  The bottom line.  Over the past 27 years we have built the reputation and tradition for success you demand in a construction partner.  CAS is currently building a new wastewater treatment facility for the City of Edgerton, KS in association the new intermodal being built in that area.

CAS understands the importance of supplying an Owner’s users with clean and safe drinking water.  From constructing complete new plants to rehabilitations in existing plants, CAS is always thinking of the end water user.  Over the years, CAS has worked on water projects of all sizes.  CAS’ latest water project consisted of constructing a 6 million gallon underground water reservoir combined with a 54 MGD pump station for WaterOne in Johnson County, Kansas.

With CAS’ experience on over 300 wastewater projects, Owners can expect us to keep their plants flowing throughout construction.  From tie-ins to extensive by-pass pumping, CAS always has a well thought out plan to get the project complete.  CAS understands the treatment processes and works with the team to assure a successful project for all involved.  CAS is currently completing the third of three phases at the City of Mulvane’s wastewater treatment plant.  CAS has built all three phases for the City over the last 7 years.

​Pump Stations
From deep sewer, to high service pump stations, CAS has built them all.  CAS has the experience and ability to confidently approach pump station construction projects.  CAS works with engineering firms to assure safe excavation of deep pump stations and focuses on getting out of the ground quickly.  CAS also has strong relationships with multiple pump manufacturers and is actively involved with submittals, factory testing, installation, and field testing.

Over the years, CAS has had a variety of projects with industrial clients.  Many of our clients have to provide pre-treatment to their effluent prior to it being received by the local municipality.  CAS understands the importance of having our work not interfere with the profit making process side on the business.  With close interaction with the client we have successfully kept shut-down times minimalized. 

CAS has always had a service group that not only helps out our clients in times of emergencies, but also simply goes around and checks on our completed projects to make sure things are running like they are supposed to be.  CAS serves as an emergency provider for local municipalities and is constantly seeking maintenance projects that we can assist municipalities with like filter media replacement, clarifier drive replacement and pump replacements.